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Hair Services

Our natural hair salon is conveniently located in Northwest Indiana!

We offer Takedown, Wash & Shampoo, Braiding, Twists & Locs, Cornrows, Cornrows, Crochets, Plaits, Feed-Ins, and Sew-Ins.

Shampoo & Condition
Edge Up
Sew In
Cornrows Menu
Adult Box Braids
Mens Braids
Adult Knotless Box Braids
Adult Individuals Braids
Adult Bob Box Braids
Adult Goddess
Adult Bohemian
Adult Goddess Knotless
Adult Tribal Braids
Adult Lemonade Braids
Adult Passion Braids
Adult Triangle Knotless
Kids Braids
Boys Braids
Kids No Weave Braid
Kids Knotless Box
Kids Goddess Box
Kids Tribal Braids
Kids Lemonade Braids
Kids Passion Braids
Kids Individuals Braids
Kids Box Braids
Locs Menu
Adult Retwist
Adult Butterfly Locs
Adult Distressed Locs
Adult Soft Locs
Kids Locs
Twists Menu
Mens Twists
Adult Passion Twists
Adult Nubian Twist
Kids Twists
Boys Two Strand Twist
Kids Passion Twist
Kids Nubian Twist
Crochet Menu
Kids Crochet
Adult Plaits
Kids Plaits
Adult Feed Ins
Kid Feed In
Braids Menu
Plaits Menu
Feed In Menu
2 Cornrows
4 Cornrows
6 Cornrows
8 Cornrows
All Services

Char Bucha's Policies

Whenever you book, you agree to these policies.

A $20.50 deposit completes your booking.  Our system will automatically require a deposit. 

Bead installments are $15 in addition to your hair service, and must be paid before your appointment..

Braiding Hair is not included in the cost of your service, but if you would like us to purchase hair for you we can.  Please tell us on in the comments section of the booking form if you would like us to purchase your hair, or purchase here.

We occasionally livestream our services while clients are in the chair.  Please note on your in the comment section of the booking form if you do not want to be on our social media.

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